The Best Decking for your Home

Adding a deck to your house may probably be the best idea this summer because besides adding value to the house, it provides a great usable space for outdoor lazing, parties, children’s playtime or for quiet reading. But to reap maximum benefits you must know what kind of decking is suitable for what areas. Here we have collated a few tried and tested formulas that have brought a lot of cheer to the owners.

To begin with

Before you finalize the decking material, you must know a few things about yourself and your house. How much of a DIY person are you; will you be able to maintain and repair your decking? Next, what is the weather in your area and will your decking withstand the vagaries of nature. And finally, do you believe in the slogan, “go green” and are looking for ecofriendly alternates to traditional decking material.

Best place for a deck in your home

If you have an L-shaped House going for an attached deck is the ideal as it connects the outdoors with the interiors of the house. You can choose either wood or wood composite for this type of deck. Top it with a roof and you have a very useful outdoor area that is great when you have guests.

Wraparound decks are also another option to consider as they can run the entire length of the house. Again, wood or wood composite is a better choice because they are more forgiving in summer when other materials can get hot.

Decking around the swimming pool not only enhances the look but is also a safety measure as you won’t slip or scorch your feet if the area is made of concrete. And since this area will remain wet constantly, even though natural wood will look good it will splinter. The best choice is composite which is easy maintenance and durable. Check out for more decking options. …